The Psychic Paramount – Live 2002 : The Franco-Italian Tour

Format : CD-R
Release date : 2003
Label : S/R

Format : CD
Re-issue : 2006
Label : Public Guilt

1.      Lyon
2.      Paris part 1
3.      Paris part 2
4.      Napoli (X-Visitations)
5.      Perpignan part 1
6.      Perpignan part 2

Drew St. Ivany – guitar, effects
Ben Armstrong – bass
Tatsuya Nakatani - drums

Recorded in Nov-Dec. 2002
Cover art by Drew St. Ivany
All songs ©2003 The Psychic Paramount / Bewilderment and Illumination

Description :

The Psychic Paramount here is a power trio in the traditional rock format (guitar, bass, drums) recorded live at performances in Paris, Lyon, Perpignan, and Napoli in 2002. The group, going on tour less than one week after their first meeting, is captured at birth in raw immediate form. Predicating experiments with the authority of sound and primitive revival upon a rock 'n' roll platform, the music seeks to evoke a sense of urgency and a release from the banal. A document of turbulent emergency music grinding its entrance. All tracks originally recorded to cassette live using one stereo microphone.